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About Us

Bambini Wellness is a Sunshine Coast based company which supports families, education centres and schools to create healthy lifestyles for children aged 6months to 10yrs, through our educational wellness program.


Our program is structured around mindfulness, exercise and nutrition and consists of functional flashcards, wellness workshops and cloud-based resources.


Our immersive workshops are available in person, by virtual meeting, and soon as a step by step online course!


During our workshops we teach educators and parents the skills to effectively use our educational, play-based flashcards so that they can be used seamlessly in the classroom and home environment.

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“People learn more efficiently, with greater intensity, and with more purpose when learning is fun.”

- Roskos and Christie, 2007

Our Flashcards

'Avi’s A to Z Flashcards' are a set of educational flashcards like no other. They provide a holistic, multi-faceted learning experience for children.

Each card has:

  • A Letter from the Alphabet in both lower and upper cases

  • Three words starting with that letter (animal, descriptive word & a name)

  • A positive affirmation and definition

  • Healthy ingredient/s, and;

  • An exercise

  • The back of each card is a watercolour hand-painted artwork

The set of 30 cards which include description cards & 26 Alphabet cards, come in a 100% cotton carry bag, complete with custom timber bead. The cards are coated with Celloglaze for an extra layer of protection, perfect for little people!


How do they work?

Studies suggest that the most important "teaching" at home includes things such as general health and nutrition.

Flashcards are not only fun and engaging, but they appeal to visual learners and can be used to stimulate kinaesthetic (tactile) learners too, making them an ideal tool to teach young ones wellbeing concepts.


Flashcards help engage 'active recall', which teaches the brain to remember a term, concept or process, without context. By learning this way, we create stronger neuron connections in our brains, making it more likely to remember information in the future, or in this case, form healthy habits and ways of thinking.

Our flashcards can be used in a variety of ways from babies right through to school age (even adults!). They are designed to be used seamlessly in the classroom and home environments. Some examples of ways to use them are:

Babies - learning animal names and sounds, learning colours.

Toddlers - ABC letter recognition, learning affirmations and positive meanings, building strength and exploring new tastes through healthy foods

3yrs+ - Self-led exercise, learning positive self-talk, spelling, reading and phonics

5-10yrs - memory recall, spelling and enunciation, exercise, cooking nutrition foods

What are the outcomes?

Our Flashcards are designed so that you and your little one can enjoy quality time together by learning and having fun, whilst helping them build skills for their lifetime:

  • Building a sense of self-worth and confidence

  • Combating anxiety and depression through resiliency skills

  • Creating healthy foundations for exercise and nutrition

  • Developing literacy skills through play-based activities

  • Boosting endorphins through mental and physical exercise

  • Nurturing positive parent-child and teacher-student interactions

  • Developing coping techniques through mindful practices

  • Cultivating a growth mindset and a willingness to try through fun challenges

Our flashcards will support you to teach your children or students lasting wellbeing practices, that will set them up for their future with a healthy mind and body.

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Workshops & Online Resources

We want to support you in your wellness journey in every way we can, which is why our Flashcards come with tonnes of helpful resources and development options! 


Exercise Tutorials

When you purchase a set of Flashcards, you also gain access to our library of step-by-step exercise tutorials!

These include the 'exercise of the day' and bonus workouts and ways to use the Flashcards.



We run immersive workshops with parents and educators, where we explore the key concepts from positive psychology and neuroscience and learn fun, simple ways to use the Flashcards to sow the seeds of wellbeing for flourishing littlies and adults alike.


Healthy Recipes

Nutrition is a key pillar of wellbeing and the Bambini Wellness program and each of our Flashcards includes a 'healthy food of the day'. We have a plethora of delicious recipes for you to use with or without your cards. Teach your littlies how to eat right & explore new flavours!

The Bambini Wellness Journey



Bambini Wellness was founded by me, Zemma Butler. I am a Mum, Personal Trainer, Artist and physical and mental health advocate. I have a core belief that anything is possible, that we are the masters of our own destinies, and that it is possible for each of us to live a happy and healthy lifestyle given the necessary education and the right tools. 

I have always been passionate about everything to do with wellness and after years working as a Personal Trainer, helping others to create healthy minds and bodies, I became a Mother and my desire to nurture wellbeing in my own children was ignited. This desire quickly extended to wanting to create healthy lifestyles for all future generations.

I started this journey by creating fun, interactive learning cards combined with simple family-orientated exercise games for my daughters. I wanted to teach them how to be physically healthy, love themselves and embrace their uniqueness from a young age.

I created colourful characters to represent each letter of the alphabet and paired these with exercises, affirmation words and healthy foods as a holistic, engaging approach to wellbeing that we could do together as a family. This became our flagship product ‘Avi’s A-Z Flashcards’ (named after our first daughter Aviana).


Not long after creating Avi’s Flashcards, I gained interest from our family, friendship circles and my clients who wanted to use my fun, education-based approach to teaching their little ones. I love inspiring others to bring positive changes into their lives and wanted to help more families build better attitudes towards movement and health creating habits to last a lifetime – and so, Bambini Wellness was born!

I sourced authentic, Australian suppliers to produce the Flashcards with my custom artwork and developed a series of online resources including exercise tutorials and healthy recipes. Together these tools now make up the Bambini Wellness Program.

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From family fitness to a wellness revolution.


We’ve come a long way from humble family beginnings and our Flashcards are now in 11 countries and counting!


We offer group workshops to schools and education centres and one-on-one sessions with parents to teach them how to implement the Bambini Wellness Program in their homes or places of learning.

Our focus is on providing parents and educators the tools to teach their little ones the fundamental of wellbeing – fitness, nutrition, and mindfulness.


By nurturing positive, resilient, and healthy little ones from a young age, we aim to create a wellness revolution that ripples through our society.



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