Bambini Wellness offers educational, immersive wellbeing workshops for children, their parents and educators. Using play-based flashcards, we teach exercise, nutrition and mindfulness in a fun & interactive way - developing healthy habits and creating wellness-focused futures for the next generation of little humans!

Nurturing a New Generation

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ELCs & Schools


Learn fun exercises & mindfulness activities that you can practice with your little humans.



Personalised sessions that teach you how to create lasting habits with your kids.



Get your set of Avi's A-Z Flashcards to start creating positive changes.

Three Pillars of Wellness



Learn effective ways to incorporate super foods into your everyday meals and snacks using our Flashcards for inspiration.

We're passionate about helping your little one to learn how to enjoy nutritional foods, having fun in the kitchen and learning life skills and a varied palate from a young age. Embracing new things, expanding food choices and getting used to different flavours and textures is a great way to set them up for a lifetime of healthy food choices. Together we can broaden both yours and your littlies food horizons.

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Exercise is essential for improving overall health, maintaining fitness, and helping to prevent the development of obesity, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. There are so many fabulous ways to incorporate daily exercise into your child or students life using our Flashcards, which will create the opportunity for them to develop coordination, strength, agility, health and a wonderful appreciation for movement, routine and exercise for life.



Our goal is to empower children with the knowledge that they are perfect just the way they are for the unique person that they are. Instead of building value by focusing on external recognition, our flashcards teach them practices to accept and love who they are on the inside, from a young age. Educating them about each of the qualities they possess through the various fun activities on our flashcards, sets a strong foundation of mindfulness and finding happiness and balance within.

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FUN, EDUCATIONAL & INTERACTIVE - inspiring a sustainable change in the wider community.

Our mission is to create a mini revolution within schools and families, that ripples throughout the community by supporting and developing children’s strengths and potential through our emergent, collaborative workshops and educational flashcards.

Bambini Wellness was founded on the Sunshine Coast by Mumma and Personal Trainer, Zemma Butler, and our Flashcards can now be found in 11 countries and counting!

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What Our Clients Say...

I totally love everything about Bambini Wellness as they offer a variety of things. The cards are amazing, my granddaughter absolutely loves them and she is getting to learn the animals and what letter they start with. You can tell that the art was done with absolute love and joy. I found the information about wellness and fitness to be great as it has taught me as to how to teach my granddaughter the value of health and exercise. It has also broadened my outlook. I totally recommend this product for all the mums and dads out there as it not only fun but educational. Keep up the good work.

—  Hazel Miller, Business Owner + Grandmother

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