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About Us

Bambini Wellness is a Sunshine Coast based company which supports families, education centres and schools to create healthy lifestyles for children aged 6months to 10yrs, through our educational wellness program.


Our program is structured around mindfulness, exercise and nutrition and consists of functional flashcards, wellness workshops and cloud-based resources.


Our immersive workshops are available in person, by virtual meeting, and soon as a step by step online course!


During our workshops we teach educators and parents the skills to effectively use our educational, play-based flashcards so that they can be used seamlessly in the classroom and home environment.

“People learn more efficiently, with greater intensity, and with more purpose when learning is fun.”

- Roskos and Christie, 2007

Our Flashcards

'Avi’s A to Z Flashcards' are a set of educational flashcards like no other. They provide a holistic, multi-faceted learning experience for children.

Each card has:

  • A Letter from the Alphabet in both lower and upper cases

  • Three words starting with that letter (animal, descriptive word & a name)

  • A positive affirmation and definition

  • Healthy ingredient/s, and;

  • An exercise

  • The back of each card is a watercolour hand-painted artwork

The set of 30 cards which include description cards & 26 Alphabet cards, come in a 100% cotton carry bag, complete with custom timber bead. The cards are coated with Celloglaze for an extra layer of protection, perfect for little people!


How do they work?

The flashcards can be used in a variety of ways from babies right through to school age (even adults!).

Info about 'The 'science' behind the cards will go here..

What are the outcomes?

Info about what kids learn, setting them up for the future etc.

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Workshops & Online Resources

Info/overview about the workshops and online resources - links to workshops page and resources (blog, wellness club etc.)

The Bambini Wellness Journey



Bambini Wellness was founded by me, Zemma Butler.

I am a Mum, Personal Trainer, Artist & Wellness Advocate. I started by creating fun, interactive learning cards combined with simple family-based exercise games for my daughters. Soon after, I evolved this into Bambini Wellness because I felt a strong desire to use my skills to nurture healthier lifestyles in not only my own children but future generations. 

Hi! I'm Zemma Butler, aka Miss Z or Mum - a zany ball of energy, a believer that anything is possible, and everything happens for a reason. I am a doer, a health food lover, positive motivator, artist and passionate about everything to do with wellness, health and fitness. I am someone who loves to cook, loves to eat, loves to move and loves to create. I have a core belief that it is possible for each of us to live a happy and healthy lifestyle with the body of our dreams if given the necessary education and right tools. You are the master of not only yours but your littlies destiny, I believe the start to a better future is simply our belief that it is possible.


By taking this attitude into every aspect of life, I love inspiring others to do the same, bringing positive changes in families, working in the knowledge that we all want to provide our children positive, healthy lifestyles. I also want to help every-day people build better attitudes towards movement and health that will last a lifetime.


After years of working as a personal trainer and then becoming a mother, that desire extended to wanting to create healthy lifestyles for future generations. I started by creating fun, interactive learning cards combined with simple family-based exercise games for my own daughter, and soon after, we evolved into Bambini Wellness.


We are an authentic Australian brand with a focus on locally made that celebrates every single day with our loved ones, being positive, healthy and enjoying life. Good things take time, live less out of past habit and more out of intent. Be grateful, celebrate everyday, treasure loved ones, stay humble, be positive, be well and enjoy life.



From family fitness to a wellness revolution.

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